Canyonlands National Park, Utah—- Part 2


We were amazed at how much there is to see and do in the Moab area. If you are a person who enjoys a good hike, some mountain biking, you could quite easily spend a week here and never be bored.

Since we are camping with our fur babies Bella and Rider, we are on a time limit and that we needed to be back by the 3 1/2 to 4-hour mark. That limited us to how many hikes we could complete.

We did manage to completed half the hikes. This gives us an excuse to come back to the area!

Grandview Point Overlook

green line shows hiking trail

Length: 2 mile round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 50 ft

If you love sunsets as we do, take in this hike late afternoon.

We stop in the parking area and grabbed a few pictures thinking we would be back in the late afternoon.

We never did make it back to Grandview Point. By 5 pm we were both exhausted and decided to add that hike to must come back to the complete.

Buck Canyon Overview

Life is a gift.

Shafer Canyon Overview

If you had a jeep or a OHV you could take this back road tour
Panoramic View
That’s a long way down.
So close to the edge, I am freaking!
I will look back at this and smile!.

Exploring the Canyonlands Nation Park, Utah


This morning’s temp was a tad chilly -2c/ 28 f.

Since we knew we would be hiking, we dressed in layers. Well, Myron dressed in layers, I only needed a bunny hug!

The entry into Canyonlands is $30/ vehicle. Since we will be visiting at least 5 National Parks this winter, we decided it would be cheaper to buy an Annual Pass for $80 USA/ $104 Canadian. This gives you access to all National Parks in the USA. 3 National Parks and we are ahead!

The first stop was Mesa Arch.

Just a short hike to a cliff edge arch. It’s a great spot at sunrise.

I don’t know what it is about this tree that I find so fascinating
Wow, wow and WOW!!!
Amazing view from inside the Mesa Arch
Sun reflection
You can see such a long ways
He is getting mighty close to the edge
This is the shot you get when you get close to the edge. Myron took this photo of the crack in the arch, looking down.
Another angle inside the arch
”We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn’t escape us.” unknown
The rock is so smooth
Lonely tree

Next stop was Candlestick Tower Overlook

Orange Cliff Overhang

Thanks, Steve-o’s Pumping for the bunny hugs.
Panoramic View
What a great Panoramic view

Amazing views, I will post more pictures tomorrow from Canyonlands Nation Park.

September 12, 2019


Woke up to another wet and cool morning, we had light showers on and off last night. It appears the nights are getting colder and I would prefer not having to run our propane gulping furnace very often. These furnaces are definitely not energy efficient and use a ton of propane. On the plus side, Mother Nature has other options to help keep us warm….. I have been handed the ability to self combust, yup that’s right, these wicked hot flash and night sweat. Seriously does it ever end? I swear I have had these sucks for 10 years now!

Funny, I always wished for a smoking hot body, menopause was not what I was thinking!!!

Last month I started working for our local campground. Staff were heading back to university and were going to be short-staffed till close up. It appears that my temporary fill-in will now be turned into a seasonal position next May 1-Oct 1. Perfect for us RV snowbirds as we head south middle of October, and are back home middle of April.

One month in., and I am enjoying it. Meeting new people from all over the world, I met a couple from Switzerland and a gentleman from Bermuda today. I love listening to their travel stories and hearing about their families.

Today’s project, the factory mounted the spare tire on the rear trailer’s bumper.

When we boondock, there are usually quite a few dips and washes we need to maneuver through. Our trailer is 38 ft, and that darn spare tire has been skidded a few times because it hangs so low. Today Myron relocated it, so now it is mounted just behind our rear trailer axle out of the way.

Spare tire has a new home

Besides truck and trailer maintenance, Myron has been busy this summer with his upholstery work and as a relief semi driver. It’s funny how things work out. He gets a call one day asking if he is interested in doing some relief driving. Lots of businesses don’t want to hire anyone full time as they may not have enough work for a full-time Employee, so hiring on a relief driver works perfectly for their business and us as well.

🍷, have a great one!



We soon discovered being in our Rv for an extended amount of time, the one thing we needed to carefully watch for was condensation. It will cause havoc in a camper.

Our friends Tom and Lori had an issue with condensation, and they strongly recommend we invest in a dehumidifier.

Pro breeze dehumidifier

These things are amazing. We purchased a large unit for our main living and kitchen area that holds 1500 Ml of liquid and then later purchased 2 small ones ( one for our bedroom and one for the basement solar compartment that hold 500ml each.

This past summer the humidity has been 85-99% so these units have done amazing collecting the liquid.

So we did our research, and discovered there are a few other things we could do daily that will help prevent condensation, so we thought we would share them with you.

Eliminate the source of the condensation as fast as possible!

Since we do most of our cook in our Rv, we alway use lids on our pots and have our stove exhaust fan running. This helps reduce the moisture in the air. (Remember to open your flap on the outside of your trailer or your stove exhaust will not work properly, ask me how I know, lol)

Showering is another contributor to condensation. We always have our bathroom fan running as this pulls the moisture out of the air. Immediately after our showers we use a shammy cloth to wipe down all our shower walls and use a squeegee to remove any left over water on our shower floor.

Roof vent covers

These install directly over your roof lids and allow you to leave your lid open in various weather conditions. Unless the wind is coming directly into our vents they always stay open, even and inch or so.

Dollar tree disposable moisturizer eliminators.

We place these in our closets, and in our cupboards. They are cheap and work great!

Indoor thermometer with wireless humidity level indicator.

We placed the 3 wireless units strategically in our rig, one in the basement garage near our water pump, one in the solar compartment, and our bedroom. Now we can monitor multiple areas at once.

If you are able, run your AC as this will also help to reduce the humidity level inside.