Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Myron and I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Our little tree

We have been pretty quiet lately, not a lot happening with us so far this winter. Just sitting back with our feet up and enjoying Yuma and meeting new friends.

Myron and I have an open-door policy. You show up with wine, we open our door! 😆 just kidding, we welcome everyone!!

Happy hours always consist of old friends, soon to be new friends. They come from all over the world, with different backgrounds, ages, beliefs, but we all have one thing in Common is Rving, friendship and searching for warmer weather.

We get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year. Canada celebrates it in October, and we get together with our family before we head south. USA Thanksgiving is in November.

This year was a potluck in Reta and Eldon’s 5th wheel, as it cool, windy. Reta and Eldon are from Minnesota, Thom from Colorado, Julia and Eugene from BC.

Thanks for hosting Reta and Eldon.

At the beginning of December, we celebrate Myron’s 59th birthday. Black Forest Cake and Angel Food cake, snack, cocktails. Burt and Kathy from BC brought over some smoked salmon, cheese, and breadsticks. OMG, the Salmon was amazing.

Julia and Reta each gave Myron homemade Jams for his birthday, and both are amazing!

We tend to do a lot of celebrating when we are south besides our happy hours, Reta and Eldon celebrated their 60th anniversary, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and the Christmas in the desert with our friends Tom and Lori.

Our spot for Christmas.

Our weather these past weeks have been quite similar to last winter on the cooler side. Christmas Eve was sunny with some wind, Christmas day was beautiful, sunny with a slight breeze.

We are so thankful for today’s technology, having the ability to make video calls. We started our Christmas morning with video calls back home to see the grandbabies open all their gifts. We were right front and center to watch the little one. It was great to be a part of it even if we were 2,300 km away.

Our friends Tom and Lori came for Christmas brunch, Mimosas, and Myron’s Canadian Pan Scrambler.

Christmas Morning Mimosa
( the only surviving photo from Christmas day)
Made the best Mimosa!

Supper was Potluck style at Tom and Lori’s. Lori cooked Turkey, gravy and carrots. I did the mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.

Unfortunately, I have somehow lost all the other photos off my phone from Christmas day.

Hmmm, I did say the Mimosas were the best 😉.

So instead of pic from Christmas we have these to share with you…..

Well, we didn’t have any palm trees or the ocean but we did have cactuses!
I did bake some cookies for Myron and made some bear shits since they are gluten free.
Known to some as coconut drop cookies, but we call them Bear Shit cookies.

We have had a great time boondocking in the desert in Southern California and visiting with our friends Tom and Lori. now it’s time to head back to Yuma to wait for our travel buddies to arrive from Canada so we can continue this next leg of our Snowbird season.

Until next time, take care

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