Exploring the Canyonlands Nation Park, Utah

This morning’s temp was a tad chilly -2c/ 28 f.

Since we knew we would be hiking, we dressed in layers. Well, Myron dressed in layers, I only needed a bunny hug!

The entry into Canyonlands is $30/ vehicle. Since we will be visiting at least 5 National Parks this winter, we decided it would be cheaper to buy an Annual Pass for $80 USA/ $104 Canadian. This gives you access to all National Parks in the USA. 3 National Parks and we are ahead!

The first stop was Mesa Arch.

Just a short hike to a cliff edge arch. It’s a great spot at sunrise.

I don’t know what it is about this tree that I find so fascinating
Wow, wow and WOW!!!
Amazing view from inside the Mesa Arch
Sun reflection
You can see such a long ways
He is getting mighty close to the edge
This is the shot you get when you get close to the edge. Myron took this photo of the crack in the arch, looking down.
Another angle inside the arch
”We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn’t escape us.” unknown
The rock is so smooth
Lonely tree

Next stop was Candlestick Tower Overlook

Orange Cliff Overhang

Thanks, Steve-o’s Pumping for the bunny hugs.
Panoramic View
What a great Panoramic view

Amazing views, I will post more pictures tomorrow from Canyonlands Nation Park.

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  1. We have always loved Canyonlands but haven’t made it since being fulltimers. Love all the pics. Hope we can rendezvous somewhere this winter!!

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