Friends, Food, Wine & Laughter!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, we sure did!

This year we were blessed to have been able to spend another Christmas with some friends down south!

Tom and Lori from Nevada

Mike and Geri from Armstrong BC

and new friends Kimberley and Dave from Florida.

We are so thankful for today’s technology as our Christmas morning started with Google Duo video calls with our kids to say Merry Christmas.

We were so excited to be able to watch Amelia and Elijah open their Christmas presents from Nana and Papa. It’s the next best thing to actual being there!

Since we started rving, Myron has taken over the duties of cooking us breakfast, and of course we have kept up with the tradition of Myron’s Christmas Canadian Pan Scrambler for brunch!

We have had beautiful weather since we arrived out here in the desert, slight breeze and sunny. Christmas Day the wind decided to join us and would not cooperate, so we all headed indoors to our Rv for our Christmas Potluck Feast.

As usually we had an abundance of amazing food, and lots of delicious Christmas baking!

Good friends, amazing food, lots of wine, which always ends with lots of laughter!!!!

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