It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of June, and that means graduation parties, Canada day celebrations, and spending time with friends and family. Next week we have 3 graduation functions to attend, so we figured it would be easier to pack up and head to the Battlefords where we would be closer to the festivities!

We have been stationary for the last month at my brothers acreage, and it seems we have unpack a lot of our crap, so today we are busy preparing for transport mode.

We have an antenna that has an attitude problem, so we have to climb up on the roof to secure it, and at the same time the solar panels need a good cleaning.

This is usually Myron’s job, but with a major Meniscus tear and a partial ACL tear in his left knee he is out of commission till after his surgery! That means I need to step up and help with the outside duties.

Yes I know, Myron sit still?! Fortunately one of us is more stubborn than the other. 😉

I seen a quote that said

“Fear has two meanings…

Face everything and run, or Face everything and rise!”

Today I faced my fear of heights and climbed up on our 5th wheel to prep for transport mode!

The older I get, the more things I want to cross off my to do list! Today, I finally conquered my fear heights!

☑️ get over my fear of heights

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