Oatman Az

Travel back in time

We decided to take a road trip and head out to a former mining town, now turned lively ghost town!

We drove through the Black Mountains of Mojave County, not far from where we stayed in Laughlin, NV along historical route 66.

The Main Street is where all the action is, small stores, sidewalk vendors, Restaurant and Saloon.


Wild Burros are wandering and panhandling throughout the streets.




If your timing is right you will even witness a bank robbery and a good old fashioned gunfight take place.



Parking is limited, so you may not want to take your trailer or larger rigs as it is difficult to find a place to park.

If you do bring your pets, be very careful as the Burro’s have been known to kick them. We have a pet stroller we use for Rider and of course Miss Bella gets her usual royal treatment of being carried.

Total Cost: Free

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