I Think I Can

Our snowbird trip south has been a lot different this year  than it was last year. Last winter we left Saskatchewan on December 06, and it was just plain cold, -40c with the windchill, but luckily we had no snowstorms to deal with.

This year we left Canada on Halloween and made it Shelby, Montana that night.  The next day we were heading south on I15.  The forecast was calling for heavy snow at elevation above 5,000 ft and with the temps dropping, we decided to push forward and get as far away from the frigid temps as we could. Our 5th wheel trailer is not designed for extreme cold weather and we wanted to get away from winter weather! That is why we are on the road!!



Winter driving in the mountains during a snowstorm required a little more planning than what I was used to but thankfully with all the years and experience Myron has had long-haul trucking, I was glad he was in the driver seat!  Myron was prepared and he made sure to pack his tire chains.  He purchased these Cobra Truck Cable Chains from Canadian Tire a few years back.  You know that purchase were Becky’s rolls her eyes and says ” Why would we ever need tire chains?”.  Even living in Saskatchewan, I never dreamed we would ever have a need for these chains.  I never dreamed we would need them as we ventured to warmer temperatures!




Between Helena and  Butte the higher we climbed the more snow we encountered and the icier the highway got. “I think I can”, turned into “Nope, not happening”, so we joined the rest of the RV’s and Semi’s as we chained up our  tires.  Time seemed to stand still as Myron placed the chains on the tires and we started to incline up the mountain! I was shocked when I a realized this entire adventure only took 15 minutes! It was like someone must have hit the easy button as Myron handled the situation like a pro! I on the other hand hardly took a breath! We still had several miles ahead of us and another pass to chain up before we arrived in Butte, MT.


Where  We Stayed: Flying J Truck Stop — Butte, MT  Exit 122

Cost: Free

Diesel Cost: $ 2.88/Gallon US or .76/litre ( .96/Litre  CDN $ )

MPG: Towing 40ft & Mountain Driving- Average 15.8 MPG US/ 14.89 L/100km


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